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The industry to achieve a leapfrog growth of China's automobile seal

    In recent years, China's automotive sealing industry achieved leapfrog growth. The current non balanced mechanical seal, the domestic automotive sealing industry, the existing key production enterprise 20, of which the joint venture has 6, accounted for 33.3%. These enterprises are widely distributed in the automotive OEMs around, with matching radius to maintain a reasonable economic. But because our country automobile seal number, the industry production enterprises small in scale, it is difficult to form a scale climate, with foreign enterprises in the market competition is far from. With the gradual recovery of the international economic, automotive sealing export demand will increase year by year, automotive sealing industry in the aftermath of the 2009 outbreak of blowout market baptism, will usher in a period of rapid development period. From 2009, especially in the second half of the year, each big automobile sealing strip enterprises felt serious lack of capacity, have joined the ranks of the expansion of production capacity, a time to activate the automobile seal mechanical seal equipment manufacturing enterprises, there are a lot of equipment orders in hand, feeling the delivery of the difficult and important. However, in the capacity of a certain improvement, not only the immediate solution as pressing danger, and should be combined with the improvement of labor productivity, quality upgrading, the upgrading of product structure, technological progress and other factors, comprehensively enhance the overall production capacity of enterprises.
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